Our company was founded in 1971 by Athanasios Katrakazas, based in the area of Ladadika, Thessaloniki, which at that time was famous for the marketing of agricultural products and especially, of olive oil. During this period, the company only sells olive oil from Lesvos, which is also the place of origin of its founder.

In 2000 the company moved to a private property of 10 acres and started a series of investments.

In 2005 the plant was first expanded, including the creation of additional tanks for the collection of vegetable oils and their storage. The total capacity is of 850 tons.
At the same time, the company is significantly expanding its sales abroad.

In 2008 the company extends its capacity by building a state-of-the-art bottling facility with 4 independent production lines. The company’s total facilities amount to 2500 m²,and its total production capacity is of 50 tons per day.

The plant and the headquarters of the company are located on the 7th km of the Thessaloniki-Kavala National Road, in privately-owned facilities of 10 acres, with covered areas of 2500m², which include:

  • Tanks of a 850-ton capacity.
  • Modern bottling facility with 4 production lines.
  • Warehouse with ready-to-use products with a capacity of 600 pallets.
  • A fully equipped chemistry laboratory for the quality control of products produced daily.
  • Offices where the company’s management and accounting department are housed.